Pompano Beach Apartments

there is no third round

but if second chances.

Do not let others make decisions about your assets own these apartments in Pompano Beach, FL.

we lend you up to
the 65% of its value

 and with his rent he pays the mortgage loan and for up to 30 years

commercial value

$160,000 - $200,000

Estimated rental income

$1,500 - $2,000

Why Pompano Beach?

Because Pompano Beach is among the 2 cities with the best indicators of growth and appreciation in Florida.

Due to its excellent location near the beach, considered the prettiest and cleanest in South Florida, and its proximity to the interstate.

It is a city surrounded by several supermarkets, schools and natural parks. In addition, it is the most economical beach sector in Florida.

The rents of these apartments are very stable, the majority are couples without children who have stayed in the apartments for up to 5 years and are in compliance with their payments.

The apartments that are vacant at the moment is because they are undergoing improvements and/or repairs but they already have a waiting list of customers willing to rent them. the average vacancy is a maximum of 2 months