Protect your capital by investing in the US


Protect your capital by investing in the US


Protect your capital by investing in the US

Mortgage Loan

About us

An American company offering a variety of financial vehicles designed to facilitate the Colombian and Latin markets’ access to profitable physical assets (real estate) in dollars and in the United States.

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Mortgage Loan*

Mortgage Loan*

  • We lend the necessary funds for real estate purchases.
  • We provide advice throughout the property search process.
  • We provide property management support.
  • Maximum credit on the

    value of the property


  • Maximum Term

    30 years


U.S. Tax Law

Our sales team can connect clients to tax experts to generate peace of mind regarding taxation.

No U.S. credit history

It is not necessary to have a credit history in the United States. Our experts study the financial capacity of each customer, and once approved, grant the loan with the best terms and conditions.


We offer personalized support to execute investments abroad in an appropriate, transparent, and effective manner.


We have a state-of-the-art technology platform enabling our clients and investors to access their information and documents.


The natural or legal person must have a bank account in the US.

Origin of Funds Verification

Being a regulated company, we analyze the origin of funds of each of our clients for greater security and legal compliance.

Approved by “KYC Compliance”

To guarantee transparency, we follow American regulatory guidelines set forth by the “Bank Secrecy Act (BSA)”.

AML – Anti Money LaunderingCompliance

We comply with all regulatory requirements relating to the verification of company managed resources and their legal origin.

Our Partners

  • * Mortgage rates may change based on market conditions.
  • ** May lose value.
  • *** These investments are intended for accredited investors. They carry a high degree of risk including possible loss of principal. For more information, please read the HKF Investment Summary before making any investment. Return on Investment is not guaranteed.